This is the Kindergarten album for children who are preparing for First Grade in the next school
year.  If you are familiar with Montessori class structure, this is the third year of Primary class

We highly suggest that you buy both the Primary Year 1 (PreK) with this album because a lot of
the introductory work in the first year provides a necessary background for work in the second
year, so your child will miss a lot if he or she skips that curriculum. The two albums together are
$69 via the button above, if you purchase them at the same time.

This guide provides over 70 lessons in all curricular topics for a Montessori classroom of children in
this age range.  The material is provided in the traditional three-ringed Montessori teaching binder
as shown.  The typical Montessori lesson is used over a period ranging from one week to six or
seven months, so this is more than enough material for one year.

As with the first year of material, all of these lessons have been created for parents who want to
help their children learn at home using the Montessori method or teachers in traditional
classrooms who would like to use Montessori lessons and teaching styles with their students.  
Each section of the binder provides a detailed explanation of a single classroom exercise, starting
with how to make or find the equipment and then leading you through each step of the exercise.

This level includes such skills as:

  • How to build writing skills for essays and other writing-related projects
  • Troubleshooting reading problems early
  • Reviewing and accelerating grammar studies
  • Sentence diagramming and other hands-on grammar work
  • Practical math work with fractions and decimals
  • Money and math -- what to do and how to introduce intermediate money lessons
  • Brain-body development exercises that focus on overall development
  • Beginning Chinese language coursework included!
  • Helping you build your homeschool or classroom teaching schedule to best allow children to
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Montessori Teaching Album for Primary Three
Ages 4 1/2 to 5 1/2
Set of Three:  $99
One, Two, and Three
Montessori Teaching Curriculum
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Set of Two:  $69
Primary Year 3 and
First Grade