Level One DVD Set:  $59.99
Level One Set + Ten Printable Books:  $69.99
Lower Case Letters (Recommended):
Recommended:  Buy only the lower case letters (the orange and green
at the bottom), if your child does not yet know the capital ABCs.  This
lower case set includes 52 letters (two identical sets in lower case).
Price $8
Sounds & Words, Level 1, Program 1
If your child is ready to start learning how to read, start here!  

The first DVD, Sounds & Words, introduces children to letter sounds and beginning words. Bouncing letters move
across the screen, teaching children how to sound out their very first reading words.

The words in this program are consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words such as cap, pen, big, fox, and cup.  
Short stories bring these words to life and enjoyable repetition reinforces key concepts.  Enjoyable spelling review
for all words is included.  
Price: $15
Price including 5 Printable Books:  $25
Make Big Words, Level 1, Program 2
If your child knows letter sounds and can read CVC words, start here!

Based on the Montessori Movable Alphabet and Word Card lessons, this program teaches long vowel words.  
Children learn how to make and read long vowel words such as cape, beak, kite, and pine.

Entertaining short stories and review make everything easy to learn. Whether your child is learning to read early or
needs extra review, this program is very popular with a wide range of children.
Price: $15
Price including 5 Printable Books:  $25
Fun & Great Math, Level 1, Program 3
Your child's first introduction to counting & quantities.

The concepts taught in this DVD are from the Montessori Numbers & Counters and Golden Bead material.

Your child will learn about counting and quantities from one to ten as well as beginning addition and subtraction
using the unit one.   Energetic instrumental and classical music make this a fun DVD even for children who are
too young to really learn math.
Big Vocabulary, Level 1, Program 4 - Jump Start Your Child's Vocabulary!

Children learn how to read key words that are too advanced for a regular phonics program, such as grandma,
bicycle, and triangle.

The foundation for this program is a blend of the Montessori Sound Combination Sandpaper Cards and the
Movable Alphabet.

A wonderful DVD for children who want to learn words very quickly or for children who need a lot of patient
review.  Price:  $15
Montessori House Level One Set
Four great DVDs introduce children to letter sounds,
beginning reading, and introductory counting and math.
See details for each DVD below.

Printable Books go with these DVDs.  And the letter
sets below allow your child to follow along with
the shows as they learn to read and make words!

Montessori House DVDs play in all countries.
Montessori Intermediate DVD Set

These two DVDs provide fabulous educational concepts and reading skills all in one
great set.  The Colors & Shapes program introduces sophisticated vocabulary such as
"octagon" and "parallelogram" in an easy-to-understand presentation.  "Tough Words"
helps children move quickly to better reading skills.  Kids LOVE learning to read these
important words (did you notice that both "octagon" and "parallelogram" can be
sounded out just like the word "cat" or "van"?)

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to read more about these DVDs + books.
Intermediate DVD Set:  $30
Intermediate DVD Set + Two Printable Books:  $37
Intermediate DVD:  Colors & Shapes
Based on the Montessori Geometric Cabinet and the
Colored Tablets, this brilliant program introduces a
wide range of colors and shapes to beginning learners.

All of the Colored Tablet names from the first two sets
of tablets are introduced along with spelling review
and delightful short animated stories.  

Metal Inset shapes such as the circle and ellipse begin
the shape section with children moving quickly to the
Geometric Cabinet closed curve and regular polygon
shapes such as the quatrefoil, hexagon, and
Price: $15
Tough Words: Our First Program in Level 2

Ideal for beginning readers making the transition
to these more complex concepts.  

Your child will learn to read words with ch, ow,
ou, qu, th, sh, ck, ay, ew, and wh.  

Great practice, animated short stories, and
easy-to-understand review.
Colors & Shapes Printable Book &
Great to use with the Colors & Shapes
DVD, this printable book lets your child
follow along with the program as he or she
learns the names of different shapes or

The names of the colors and shapes are
presented first, then two colors or shapes
are compared (see the bottom sample
with "decagon"), blank spelling pages are
provided (see the top sample for blue),
and short stories are printed, too!

Over 50 pages!  Delivered in Adobe PDF
format via email.

Price: $6
Tough Words Printable Book &
This big book includes all of the sound
combinations, words presentations,
picture pages for writing in the blanks,  
spelling review, and short stories shown
in the DVD.

Ideal for children to use alone or with the
DVD. The combination of the book with
the DVD allows children to read the book
independently, using their new
knowledge immediately!  

A perfect way to help children read on
their own and learn new words.

Price:  $6
Upper and Lower Case Letters:  
If your child already knows the capital
letters ABC, buy this set of upper case &
lower case letters in a cloth bag!
Price $15
My Montessori House
Bringing the joy of learning to children for over 100 years
Colors & Shapes DVD
+ Printable Book:  $19
DVD only
Price: $15
DVD only
Price: $15
Tough Words DVD
+ Printable Book:  $19