Colors & Shapes: Over 90 pages!
Great to use with the Colors & Shapes DVD, this printable book
lets your child follow along with the program as he or she learns
the names of different shapes or colors.

The names of the colors and shapes are presented first, then
two colors or shapes are compared (see the bottom sample with
"decagon"), blank spelling pages are provided (see the top
sample for blue), and short stories are printed, too!

Format: Adobe PDF

Price:  $6   
Colors & Shapes DVD
+ Printable Book:  $19
Colors & Shapes: $6
Tough Words Printable Book: Over 70 pages!
This big book includes all of the sound combinations, words
presentations, picture pages for writing in the blanks,  spelling review,
and short stories shown in the DVD.

Ideal for children to use alone or with the DVD. The combination of the
book with the DVD allows children to read the book independently,
using their new knowledge immediately!  

A perfect way to help children read on their own and learn new words.

Format: Adobe PDF

Price:  $6  
Tough Words DVD
+ Printable Book:  $19
Tough Words:  $6
Printable Montessori Beginning Reader
Books: Series 1

Over 90 pages in this great set!

These books accompany the Sounds & Words DVD that
introduces letter sounds and beginning CVC words.  
Over 90 beautiful color pages to print at home.  You can
create mix and match cards, workbook exercises, and
tracing games by printing out double copies of the book!

Buy both of these beginner sets with four DVDs !   

Format:  Adobe PDF  

Price: $15
Printable Montessori Beginning Reader
Books: Series 2

Over 100 pages in this great set!

These books accompany the "Make Big Words" DVD.  
They can also be used independently.  Print out multiple
copies at home for great at home study and fun.

This set introduces your child to long vowel words.  For
example, he or she will see how "kit" turns into "kite"
with the addition of an "e" or how a "cap" turns into a

Format:  Adobe PDF  

Price: $15
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Intermediate Set of Adobe PDF Books:  Colors & Shapes plus Tough Words

These printable books provide tons of new words and concepts in an inexpensive and easy-to-use format.  The
cheapest package is the
two DVD and book set on our store page!
Beginning Set: Short and Long Vowel Words

This set includes Series 1 (short vowel words) and Series 2 (beginning long vowel words) for a total of over 190
printable pages!